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Hi, I'm Clem Camp. I've been doing puppet shows for over 40 years. In other words I've been doing puppet shows all my life. Since the very first time I did a puppet show behind the couch for my parents.

I'm come a long ways since then, and I've been doing puppets shows with very strong messages. My latest shows involve cooperation with police officers and principals to help youth understand their roles in keeping students safe. This is particularly critical in today's world with school violence and new awareness of our world social structure.

One of the benefits of a puppet show is that messages of behavior, respect, and knowledge of safety precautions can be brought to children in an entertaining way that brings home a message that is remembered and loved. Watch the video below, then contact me about developing a program for your school to help with bringing important messages to your students in a powerful way.

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Clem Camp,

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and can be geared for all ages.

INFORMATION: You can contact Clem Camp for any of these occasions by going to Camp's Puppets. com
or call 1-517-524-7348

If you've seen Hank the Prank in the past... Visit him again at the "Nite Lites - at Christmas time - at the Jackson Michigan County Fair!